Welcome to Save2Survive!

The environment, this is the thing which we need to be aware and to save it to make our next generation survive safely without having any environmental threats. As of now we all need to take initiative to save and let them enjoy the fruits out of it. Everyone must be responsible in saving this beautiful environment.


  1. Reduction and clean up of pollution, with future goals of zero pollution
  2. Cleanly converting nonrecyclable materials into energy through direct combustion or after conversion into secondary fuels
  3. Reducing societal consumption of non-renewable fuels
  4. Development of alternative, green, low-carbon or renewable energy sources
  5. Conservation and sustainable use of scarce resources such as water, land, and air.
  6. Stopping Bio-fueling using the food grains as it may lead to FOOD CRISIS in coming future. At present nearly 80 countries are facing this issue.

Global Warming

Recently, there has been a strong concern about climate change such as global warming caused by anthropogenic releases of greenhouse gases, most notably carbon dioxide, and their interactions with humans and the natural environment. Efforts here have focused on the mitigation of greenhouse gases that are causing climatic changes (e.g. through the Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol), and on developing adaptative strategies to assist species, ecosystems, humans, regions and nations in adjusting to the Effects of global warming.