In recent times i was really hurt by an incident happend infront of me, but then i was not in a position to appose the situation at that time. After this incident happend i was always thinking the same. It is nothing other than “Child Labour”! When i went to a restaurant in my home town, i saw a boy who is between 12-13 years was doing there as a washing boy. And had been scolded by his owner for an unnecessary reasons and even beating without thinking that he is a small Kid. It really moved me a lot. And after a month or later i decided to oppose these situations and also want to know where they are working, and want to complain about these things to the concern departments. So guys, i think this is the current burning issue many of the children facing in india. So lets combine our hands and motivate others and do the needfull to the children who are facing these situations. We can do this by ourselves at our places where we stay. Lets chase the Web and make Children Free from it.

12 th June is the “World Anti-child Labour Day”

There are some rules according to Law, some of them are

The Children between 6-14 of age should not work.

The government will train and provide them Job Opportunities for them who are between 14-18 under Child labour Project.

According to Child Labour Act, an enforcement team had the right to get hold of the Children who are working and they can move them to Transit Schools.

Finally, don’t ever keep a child into work. Let us strive to “Save their Childhood”.

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