This is the time where we need to concentrate for the reduction of the usage of plastic. Which will cause a great loss for us in future. Plastic is the substance which takes long time to get recycled. So for a better society we need to reduce the usage of PLASTIC and instead we can use natural products which will dissolve into the environment soon. That too they won’t make any harm to the environment. We need to take it seriously and must stop the usage of plastic bags which we use in our daily life. We need to make the people aware of not to use PLASTIC who are using them.

5 Responses to “Reduce the usage of Plastic”

  • sanjay bhatt says:

    The govt bodies need to declare a FINE of Rs10/- per polybag
    in order to implement the ban. public will not listen otherwise
    inspite of awareness. mera kya jata hai ” attitude”


  • Kittu says:

    Why don’t people stop using plastic bags and bags ? This we can prevent using plastic and paper is recyclable !!!! . The awareness should be from government and also from people. Awareness among people will make a lot of difference .

  • Vittal says:

    Plastic Usage is one for the Major Problem in INDIA
    Awareness should be provided fo the People
    Other wise I May be the burning problem to environment in future

    So good idea
    carry on and Good Luck

  • srikanth says:

    plastic reduction can be done by take a bag or use a plastic wtith any where u went so we can minimized.first do it in our home..and start our work………..atlat nooooooooooooooooooo plastic bags

    thanq u i hope u do it

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