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Save Drinking Water Resources

Water is a precious natural resource and is vital not only for our sustenance, drinking needs, agriculture, food security, and eco-system security but also is the basic and critical requirement for all-round development and growth. Since it is not an inexhaustible resource, it should be used efficiently considering the earth despite surrounded by 70 % of water, the people across the globe will face the acute shortage of water, if not cautious yet.

The earth has only 3 % of water, and the remaining 97 % is salt water found in oceans and seas. We have only 1 percent fresh water; the remaining 2 % is frozen in the form of mountains and glaciers.

It is the time to think about water resources which are decreasing gradually, sweet water resources are reducing day by day and that too if we are having any reserves for sweet water they are being polluted. So every one should think about this and we need to take initiative and make all people who don’t have awareness regarding this. In future we may face an issue with drinking water. If all sweet water resources reduces than we need to search for the process for recycling salt water into drinking water. First we need to create awareness to the people around us. We need to aware them the importance of drinking water and the great threat in future we are going to face. Lets make this decision spread every where and to everyone.

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